Censar Technologies, Inc (CTI)

Censar Technologies,  Inc. was formed in 2002, in order to acquire key technology from Water Security and Technology, which owns a former division of Siemens; Siemens Environmental Systems Labs (SESL).

History of Censar Technologies, Inc

In 1993 the LINK program was started in the UK as a joint public private venture to develop a new advanced technology used to measure quality in drinking water distribution systems. Two water quality sensor products were ultimately developed, the CENSAR an electrochemical device and the C & T an optical device.

In 1998 Siemens Environmental Systems Ltd. (SESL), a UK division of Siemens AG in Munich, Germany had acquired these technologies and patented a unique family of water quality sensors. SESL became the owner of the technology, which ultimately becoame known as (Chemical ENvironmental Sensing ARray) or CENSAR®.

Separately In 1997 Dascore, LLC was formed to develop a low cost monitoring platform for small to medium size water utilities in response to changes in the US EPA Clean Water Act and the new Surface Water Treat Act. The products, Smart node and later Webnode were the result. As a part of this development it was determined that the capability to make addition six measurements would be required. This became what is known today as the Six Cense.

In 2000 Dascore, LLC teamed up with SESL and integrated the technologies.

In 2001 Dascore LLC, became Dascore Inc. and acquired the North American rights to distribute the CENSAR technology.

In 2002 Dascore acquired the CENSAR Technology from Siemens. The operating entity CENSAR Technology, Inc. (CTI) was formed to became a wholly owned entity of Dascore which assumed these operating assets in the UK.

In 2004 Dascore was aquired by Water Security And Technology (WSAT). Since 2002 we have a number of customers that continue to use and buy the products worldwide.

Please contact us at info@censar.com or (941)894-6575

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Updated 06.12.2009